Welcome to the Biodiversa+ database

One of the objectives of Biodiversa+ is to produce a comprehensive mapping of the current state of research on biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe in terms of projects funding programmes, and research infrastructures. This allows for the identification of existing gaps and future needs for new research programmes, new facilities, as well as detecting potential barriers for successful cooperation.

Contributing to this end, Biodiversa+ has developed two databases :

  • Projects database
  • Research infrastructures database

Projects database

The Biodiversa+ projects database is a Current Research Information System (CRIS) that compiles information about past and current funding programmes on biodiversity in Europe, funding agencies, research organisations, and research projects in biodiversity research. As such, the database aims to help any scientist in the EU to identify potential resources and opportunities to further develop their research.

The database also strives to help the Biodiversa+ consortium in analysing the biodiversity funding landscape, and in identifying biodiversity research priorities to design common calls.

The database complies to the CERIF standard (Common European Research Information Format).

Biodiversity research infrastructures database

The biodiversity research infrastructure (BRI) database compiles information on research infrastructures for biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe, as well as on their available facilities, their accessibility, and their services. As such, the database aims to help any scientist in the EU to identify potential resources for their research. This database also aims to promote the visibility and use of BRIs within Biodiversa+ activities and funded projects.

Research projects
13,919 projects
Research infrastructures
55 infrastructures